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Our FISH! Philosophy

iPlan‘s company values are an important part of who iPlan is and how we interact as a staff and with our clients.


A vital part of our values, is to have a Work/Life Balance.  To help us achieve a workplace that is an enjoyable place to be in each day, we have implemented the FISH! Philosophy.  This philosophy is based on a book by Stephen C Lundin, PHD about the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle, USA.  Although life as a fish monger can be an unpleasant experience, the staff started to focus on the positives that they came across each day in order to improve their workplace.


The 4 attributes of the FISH! Philosophy are: Choose Your Attitude, Play, Be Present and Make Their Day.


Choose Your Attitude -  There is always a choice about the way you go about your work, even if there is not a choice about the work itself. Choose to have a great day.


Play – Having fun at work leads to a happier and healthier work environment for you and your clients. Be serious about your work without being too serious about yourselves.


Be Present – Observe what is going on around you and be there with a helping hand when others need you.


Make Their Day – Focus on ways to make others around you have a great day. Create a positive flow of energy and encourage it to grow with words of encourage, a helping hand or a good ear.

These four categories make up the theory behind FISH! and must all be represented equally to achieve the best results.


Although our financial planning office here in Milton is far removed from the Pike Place Fish Market's in Seattle, we as a staff have taken on board the 4 attributes to build staff relationships and work as a team in a healthy rewarding environment.  We believe if we enjoy our time at work, our sense of reward will flow into our service to our clients.



You can also visit the FISH! website for more information.

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